About Valentina


Valentina Valor is a Venezuelan fashion designer and artist based in Vancouver. 

Inspired by art, history and society, she creates fashion for young people who are not afraid to stand out. Valentina’s main goal is to make people feel comfortable and confident. Her designs reflect Valentina’s love for her country, incorporating elements that pay tribute to Venezuela’s culture. 

Always curious, she likes to experiment with new techniques. During her studies, her main goal was to learn as much as she could, which is why every collection features different fabrics and technical experimentation. For her graduate collection, Valentina developed a gender free collection called wo(man) inspired by Lili Elbe, the first person to get the sex reassignment surgery. She used a fabric manipulation technique which melted the fabric into irregular shapes. All of the garments are gender fluid and can be worn in different ways.

She also has a small business named Valor Ruiz Illustration dedicated to transforming people’s personalities into art. By recognizing and selecting the best features of people, she creates black and white cartoon-like illustrations, adding a touch of color with geometric figures. A percentage of the profits from her artwork are donated to foundations dedicated to feeding children in schools and hospitals in Venezuela.